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Hello there! I'm Pankhuri.

I am a design professional with a UX and Service background. I thoroughly enjoy deconstructing complex problems into manageable and logical chunks to make them easier to examine and solve. I am extremely passionate about accessibility and inclusive design, both as technical skills & more holistically as design practice and am currently training to become a certified accessibility analyst.


My work experience as a service and interaction designer in Norway, Scotland, India, and South Africa over the past 10+ years has given me a unique understanding of the interplay between design, environments, behaviours and services across countries. Given the lack of intention and engagement with accessibility and inclusion in most places that I have visited across the world, I am driven to work with an inclusion mindset and hope to work towards making spaces more usable and accessible.

Blogs / Videos

Feel free to browse through some of the links below to become familiar with some of my work.

Lag løsninger for alle

Ukens designer

Subjects days on inclusive design

Webinar on inclusive design

Inclusive by design


Miro, Figma, Adobe Acrobat Suite, Slack, Mural and Miro (online collaborative tools for digital sprints), Task Analytics, Google Analytics, Tree Jack (to test Information Architecture), WCAG and accessibility tools (Siteimprove, WAVE accessibility checker, and other accessibility plugins) 

While this portfolio showcases some projects that I have worked during the past years, it is by no means extensive. It is always being updated. To know more, please do get in touch on the following:

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