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Design sprints for webpages

Client: Red Cross (Norway)

Studio: Netlife Design AS

Role in the design team: UI/UX Designer, Service Designer

Time frame: 2020

Project description

This project was designed in the format of three back-to-back design sprints, in order to effectively improve specific parts of the Red Cross website (Norway edition). Each sprint focused on one specific element of the website that needed improvements and redesign. During this project I worked as a service and UI/UX designer.

Some of the key tasks for this project were:

  • Affinity mapping workshops with the stakeholders at the beginning of each sprint.

  • Define the specific design goal for that week (focusing on a specific element, component, form, etc).

  • Designing quick components and flows in figma.

  • Access and test them with the stakeholders and pass them on to the developer team for further work.

User flow for the donation form

Example of a user flow to fill a donation form

This was a short timeframe, high stakes project where regular weekly design deliveries were planned and executed. It was very interesting and challenging to use short weekly sprints to move from ideation to execution of focused areas within the Red Cross website universe.

desktop and mobile sketches of the landing page
Sketches for the mobile landing page

Example of a flow across the desktop and mobile

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