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Website for built environments

Client: Undisclosed

Studio: Netlife Design AS
Role in the design team: Interaction Designer, Service Designer.
Time frame: 2020

Project description

In this project, our team worked on the redesign, accessibility of the components and information architecture for the digital pages for a client that works with built environment and technical specifications.

Some of the key tasks for the design team on this project were:

  • Designing new sketches, flows and navigation frames for main pages in Figma, in line with accessibility guidelines for text and colour.

  • Designing accessible components and updating icons.

  • Organising user tests with specific user groups to validate and improve the user experience on this website.

  • Collaborating with front-end developers to publish and launch the redesigned pages.

(Given the nature of the project, limited information and visuals from the design process can be shared on the portfolio. Get in touch to know more details).

Treejack mapping_examples.png

WIP images from the information architecture mapping using treejack to test and verify new flows.

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