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Systems Design - PEAPOD

Systems Design and Research • Industry Project •

MIT Institute of Design & Elephant Design - 2010.


PART 1 - Research / Background Study / Mind Mapping
The 50+ in India is an economically diverse group with unequal disposable income. Age per se is not an all-defining factor. It may be their attitude & feeling towards aging - which varies and provides a means of differentiating between individuals and their needs. They are undergoing fundamental changes in terms of lifestyle, in terms of inevitable physical, mental and emotional levels, which provide opportunities for new products and services. 
They are exploring new technologies (eg: web, cellular), they are starting new ventures, buying new cars, spending money on luxurious personal products & lifestyle products, traveling, etc. This particular audience has all the qualities to be a strong consumer group.
The Project Brief now was to develop a system, which empathizes and not sympathizes with them.


To understand & analyze the research undertaken, the following mind maps were created. They helped define the user group better, identify current problems, list out facts & collate data in a systematic manner.

The entire project documentation can be followed on




Systems Design and Branding •

Industry Project • MIT Institute of Design & Elephant Design - 2010.


The name “PEAPOD” literally means - the vessel that contains the seed of a plant. Here, in the context of a communication service for Elderly, the vessel signifies family and comfort; where peas represent people living in that comfort zone, in a  home, sharing space, interacting, connecting. The Pod here visualizes the service which is acting as the environment/medium to initiate the connections and communication.


The LOGO is derived from 3 concentric circles encasing the O of the Pod, to sync it to the brand name. It is balanced and represents the traits of the brand which are connection, comfort, secure, closeness and homely.


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