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Design of digital platforms for the energy sector

Client: Undisclosed (2023)
Role: Service design, UX research and design, accessibility ally

Design of digital platforms for the energy sector

This long term assignment focuses on the design and development of user-focused websites and customer portals for energy sector clients in collaboration with Designit and a technology studio.

Based on customer insights collated by the clients, a need to create new websites and customer portals was identified, in order to design accessible services, to make customers more self-reliant and meet future challenges.

We built on the existing insights, along with several internal and external user interviews and desk research. Based on these, we have been working closely with the client to build opportunities, and prioritize functionality and accessibility.

The project has moved from the insights phase to the development phase where the main goal is to design and develop new websites and customer portals in close collaboration with the clients, along with a strong focus on users and regular user tests.

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 18_edited.jpg
Insights work with the clients.png

The team in the insight phase consisted of design/project manager (digital designer), service designer, UX designer and design technologist from Designit, and system architect and consultant from a technology company.

Some of the key tasks during the insights phase were:
- Desk research
- Content mapping
- Interviews with internal and external users.
- Interviews with users with disabilities / special needs.
- Content prioritisation and brainstorming
- Accessibility checks with experts

Universal design and accessibility have been identified as a clear KPIs in this project. To work towards designing an accessible and functional customer portal, we included users with special needs in the insights phase and will continue to do through user testing of design, content and developed solutions, in order to both fulfil the statutory requirements, but also go beyond this and create solutions that actually work well for everyone.

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